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tartiflette-asgi is a wrapper that provides ASGI support for the Tartiflette Python GraphQL engine.

It is ideal for serving a GraphQL API over HTTP, or adding a GraphQL API endpoint to an existing ASGI application (e.g. FastAPI, Starlette, Quart, etc).

Build a GraphQL API using Tartiflette, then use tartiflette-asgi to achieve the following:

  • Serve your GraphQL API as a standalone ASGI application using an ASGI server (e.g. Uvicorn, Daphne or Hypercorn).
  • Mount your GraphQL API endpoint onto an existing ASGI application.
  • Make interactive queries using the built-in GraphiQL client.
  • Implement real-time querying thanks to GraphQL subscriptions over WebSocket.


tartiflette-asgi is compatible with:

  • Python 3.6, 3.7 or 3.8.
  • Tartiflette 1.x.


First, install Tartiflette's external dependencies, as explained in the Tartiflette tutorial.

Then, you can install Tartiflette and tartiflette-asgi using pip:

pip install tartiflette "tartiflette-asgi==0.*"

You'll also need an ASGI web server. We'll use Uvicorn throughout this documentation:

pip install uvicorn


Create an application that exposes a TartifletteApp instance:

from tartiflette import Resolver
from tartiflette_asgi import TartifletteApp

async def hello(parent, args, context, info):
    name = args["name"]
    return f"Hello, {name}!"

sdl = "type Query { hello(name: String): String }"
app = TartifletteApp(sdl=sdl, path="/graphql")

Save this file as, then start the server:

uvicorn graphql:app

Make an HTTP request containing a GraphQL query:

curl http://localhost:8000/graphql -d '{ hello(name: "Chuck") }' -H "Content-Type: application/graphql"

You should get the following JSON response:

{ "data": { "hello": "Hello, Chuck!" } }